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About Matatabinomori

  • "Matatabi" in Japanese (=Actinidia polygam) is also known as "cat powder", in fact, cats are believed like a symbol brought "so many visitors" and good luck charm as the Manekineko(see above the image) in Japan
  • "Matatabi" has another meaning in Japanese that people can go on another journey.
  • "Matatabi" includes also the proverb in Japanese that merchants or traveling entertainers go around the world.

The most important goal of this website is to inspire and excite you guys for going on another journey to the world.

I hope you could get a hint how to travel, where to travel, and how to feel fun!


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Profession : Globetrotter
Travel Blogger
Superb view hunter

Visited Countries:88(Jan 2021)
※Including the following islands as a country like Socotra island, Galapagos islands, Easter island, Hawaii and Guam

Japan:All 47 pref completed
Camera:SONY α7R、Android smartphone
Career of traveling abroad:20 years over

<Good words to live by>
  • Seeing is believing(Hyakubun-wa-Ikken-ni-shikazu in Japanese)
  • Fear is greater than the danger(Anzuru-yori-umuga-yasusi in Japanese)
  • The worse luck now, the better another time(Kafuku-wa-azanaeru-nawano-gotoshi in Japanese)


<Brief history of my travel>
  • I used to be not interested to travel as well as any outdoors until the university student.
  • During my 3rd grade of university, It was my first time in life by myself to travel to Okinawa through Amami-Ohshima island of Kagoshima pref by ferry from Takeshiba, Tokyo bay for more than 10 hours.
  • During my 4th grade of University, it was my first time in life to travel abroad, for trekking to Nepal, but with my friend. At that time, my friend was seriously sick from the beginning of travel to the end going back to Japan, I finally found out that I don't really wanna anyone to bother me all the way, so I decided to be solo-traveler from now.
  • During 1st graduate student of university, I made a debut a solo-traveler like a backpacker to Latin America for about 1 month.
  • After graduating the graduate university, I used to keep traveling for 2 weeks or for 1 month at least once a year.
  • In my late 20s, I'd been to study abroad to Vancouver in Canada for leaning English. After studying abroad, I kept going down to Seattle in US for the trip by Grayhound bus for 3 month all over United States by myself.
  • At the time turning 40s, I suddenly quit my stable job for getting established as a freelancer like a traveling blogger.
  • After quitting my job, I flied to Manila, Philippines for studying abroad , then I started an around-the-world trip.
  • Now I'm having great time as a freelancer of globetrotter to all over Japan as well as all over the world.